Saturday, 12 July 2008


By which I mean the idea that P. Z. Myers seems to think that this is hate mail:

So, would you really do something like that? Really? I can only suppose, then, that you also wouldn't mind defecating on a Buddha in a temple, or urinating on a Torah while it's still in its Ark, or maybe you'd go for stuffing a Koran down a toilet and flushing. Were you the kind of brother that would tear off the head of your sister's favorite doll? - or step on one of your mother's favorite plants? I saw your picture on the university's website and you look like a pretty even-tempered man. You don't look like a man that would do what you described above, let alone say it. What happened man? Seriously - what happened?

You should be nicer in what you say and do to people and to the things those people hold dear. If you don't have anything good to say - don't say anything at all.

PZ! They disagree with you! They think you're wrong. That's debate, that's

Or consider this extract:

Shame on you for abusing your academic pulpit in this way. I pray that the university authorities will handle your case with wisdom and with justice.

Paul, you have some bridges to build after this terrible misdeed. Make amends, and stop hating for hate's sake.

Have a look through the emails in P. Z. Myers collection and, remember, these are the pick of the intolerant, medieaval, venom-filled bunch.

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