Monday, 26 May 2014

My new purchase

Jonathan Pearce at The Tippling Philosopher draws attention to the ubiquity of UKIP's message and that their views are couched in terms that make them appear acceptable.

The National Front were openly fascist, racist and failed to appeal to anybody outside a few cranks and the skinhead movement. (The strength of the link between the NF and skinheads is the reason I took so long after going bald to cut my hair short, and still longer to actually shave it, so frightened was I to look like a racist gobshite).   The BNP were less open, less Nazi salutes, less hate speech and more hate insinuation.  Their appeal was broader, you could (at a stretch) vote BNP and claim not to be racist.  With UKIP it's quite easy: you vote UKIP because you want out of Europe.  Wanting out of Europe is perfectly acceptable, and as UKIP, the press and half the Conservative party incessantly bang on about how dreadful the EU is, anti-EU sentiment is becoming mainstream.

Worse than mainstream, there is now a real prospect of pro-EU sentiment becoming marginalised and, if not forgotton, entirely discounted.  There is a danger that we may quietly walk into a calamitous exit from the EU just because it becomes accepted "fact" that no-one wants in.

So I have bought one of these:

(I hope the shop concerned won't mind me using their picture if I give you the link to buy your own:

It's a bit like a European version of those little Stars and Stripes badges an American politician must wear on his lapel at all times on pain of being thought unpatriotic.

I also wear my EU version on my lapel.  Or, when I'm not at work, on my jumper/coat/shirt.  It doesn't "do" much.  But every so often someone will catch sight of it on the tube, the bus or in the street.  It may not consciously register but will, at least, subconsciously make the point that there is someone who is pro-EU.

Wouldn't it be great if other pro-EU people bought and wore their flag with pride (he hints)?


Jonathan MS Pearce said...

I've ordered mine!

Tony Lloyd said...


BTW the photo is a pretty bad photo: it looks much better in real life.